Ballet Classes Reservation Software

Focus on expanding your dance studio business, not juggling dance class reservations. With TicketingHub's easy-to-use software for ballet class scheduling, experience the quickest setup and the most intuitive interface among online booking systems. Simplify class management and appointment tracking online!



Simplify and Grow Dance Business

Designed for ballet class operators, our reservation software streamlines direct online ballet class reservations, payment preferences, member management, and distribution across various platforms.

online booking widget solutions
Create a booking widget tailored to your brand to simplify online registration.

24/7 online dance classes bookings

  • Drive more direct ballet class reservations with a widget tailored to your ballet brand.
  • Integrate seamlessly into your CMS with just one line of code – perfect for your homepage or a specialized booking page as an iframe.
  • Boost conversion rates and strengthen student loyalty with an intuitive 5-step booking process.
  • Accept various currencies and payment methods to cater to ballet enthusiasts' preferences.
Create a dedicated login portal for affiliates to monitor their ballet class reservations.

Affiliate and Partner Links can increase ballet classes by 80%

  • Witness up to an 80% surge in class reservations through affiliate links crafted for ballet classes.
  • Provide affiliates with a white-labeled widget and a login portal, enabling them to manage ballet class reservations.
  • Expand your reach by showcasing your class slots on leading platforms - we link you to sites like Get Your Guide, TripAdvisor, Klook, and Airbnb Experiences.



Our goal is to ease ballet class operators' responsibilities and enhance operational efficiency. Our ballet class reservation software is custom-made for industry professionals in the ballet sector, decreasing client inquiries and backend inefficiencies by up to 80%.

Improve guest communications.

Streamline client queries

  • Allow students to reschedule and/or cancel bookings smoothly. Our user-friendly link ensures dancers can manage ballet class reservations in seconds!
  • Automatically send class reminders to your participants with our messaging tool, ensuring they're prepared and enthusiastic about their ballet experience.
  • Prevent invalid reservations and excessive client interactions by validating dancer emails during the booking process with our email validator.
smart marketing features
Boost your reservation potential.

Strategic marketing

  • Capture every potential reservation with abandoned cart reminders. We send follow-up emails to students who leave bookings incomplete.
  • Enlist students on a waiting list when classes are fully booked to accommodate last-minute dropouts.
  • Post-class, initiate automated feedback solicitations from participants. Make ballet class reservations easier with your testimonials and digital reputation.
Manage everything in one centralized dashboard.

On-the-go ballet class reservations

  • Maintain consistency across reservation platforms by setting and adjusting availability slots.
  • Integrate real-time data on a cloud platform to prevent class overbooking.
  • Oversee availability across all reservation channels in an online calendar with our comprehensive ballet class booking system.
Easily integrate CRM.

Service that sets you apart

  • Categorize students in the CRM to deliver dedicated ballet enthusiasts a standout experience.
  • Provide easy reservation modifications for participants through a straightforward magic link, minimizing extended client communication.
  • Encourage students to share their experiences post-class with automated review reminders.




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Our user-friendly ballet class reservation software is precisely designed to cater to the unique needs of all ballet class operators, online booking systems, and activity providers in the ballet industry.

It stands out for coordinating ballet class attendees and simplifying online reservations across mobile devices and various sales platforms. This enhances revenue and ensures an unmatched ballet class experience.

young ballet students
Be the best dance studio with next generation software solutions.

Enrollment and class management improvements

We provide a competent ballet class reservation software solution for multiple online and in-studio channels.

Bring an end to tedious manual enrollment methods and welcome digital class management. We offer a cloud-based reservation administration solution through mobile devices.

No matter if you're scheduling single-day lessons or exclusive ballet sessions, our software makes every step smooth and enjoyable, ensuring dancers get the most out of their ballet lessons.

Ensure thorough inventory control

With our integrated ballet class platform, you can easily manage upcoming classes, seat allocations, and online reservations. Our software enables you to offer slots both online and in-studio, customize slot categories, monitor bookings, and introduce special offers all within one platform.

Experience a well-organized reservation solution that increases revenue while ensuring repeat ballet enthusiasts.

Manage dance studio class bookings with centralized management software.

Ballet class insights and data analysis

Making decisions based on solid data is crucial for effective planning. Our ballet class reservation software provides essential analytics and detailed reports regarding enrollments, dancer behaviors, and other critical metrics.

Moreover, we seamlessly integrate with key platforms like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel.

Delve into ballet class reservation trends, identify peak enrollment periods, and craft strategies to elevate your class reservation processes and income.

Point of Sale synchronization made easy

Ballet class operators will find immense value in our POS integration. With real-time sales tracking, managing refunds becomes a breeze, and addressing no-shows is more efficient.

Our intuitive POS integration elevates the overall dancer experience, igniting their passion to return for more captivating ballet classes.


boosting conversion rates
creating booking website

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What is the most reliable ballet class reservation software for dance studios?

The leading ballet class reservation software is TicketingHub. It streamlines the reservation process and integrates seamlessly with your studio's website, enhancing the user experience. By using such software, dance studios can increase their client base, reduce administrative tasks, and focus more on quality dance classes.

How can dance studio software benefit class management?

Modern dance studio software, like Picktime, offers robust class management functionality. It centralizes all student details, helps you schedule classes, and lets you modify dance teachers' availability. This means fewer scheduling conflicts, more organized day-to-day operations, and more time to focus on enhancing dance class quality. Plus, automated reminders significantly reduce no-shows.

How does dance studio scheduling software support dance studio business growth?

Dance studio scheduling software, such as The Studio Director, Picktime, and TicketingHub, is more than just a scheduling tool. It's a comprehensive solution that offers marketing tools, online appointment scheduling features, and performance analytics. By understanding which classes are most popular or which time slots get the most bookings, fitness studios can make data-driven decisions to optimize their offerings and grow their business.

Can I recover lost sales with dance studio management software?

Absolutely! Dance studio management software like TicketingHub doesn't just manage reservations; it actively grows your business. Features like the Abandoned drip campaign act as a lead generation tool, re-engaging potential clients who showed interest but didn't complete their booking. This means more bookings and increased revenue without extra marketing spend.

How can I integrate my dance studio software with payment processing tools?

Dance studio management software platforms, like TicketingHub, are designed for flexibility. They integrate with a wide range of online payment gateways including major credit/debit card providers, Stripe, Spreedly, and SumUp - ensuring a smooth and secure payment process for clients. This integration not only offers convenience to clients but also reduces the administrative burden of manual payment processing.

How does online booking software enhance customer satisfaction for dance studios?

Online booking software provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing clients to book dance classes online at their convenience. 24/7 accessibility, combined with features like automated reminders, synced appointment calendars, and easy rescheduling options, significantly enhances customer satisfaction. Happy clients are more likely to become loyal customers and refer others, boosting the studio's reputation and bottom line.

Are dance studio management software fees associated?

Online reservation systems like TicketingHub cost only 3% per booking. While the pricing model varies across platforms, the return on investment is clear. By automating administrative tasks, reducing no-shows, and increasing online bookings, dance studios can see a significant increase in revenue. The software pays for itself by freeing up staff members to focus on what they do best: teaching and promoting dance.

How flexible is dance studio software scheduling?

Dance studio software can be adapted to meet your needs. Whether you are scheduling group classes, private lessons, or workshops, the software has you covered. Real-time updates ensure that both staff and clients are always up-to-date, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring smooth operations.

Can I manage my dance class bookings on the go?

Yes, and this is a game-changer for many dance studio owners. Dance studio software platforms offer cloud-based solutions with mobile-responsive backends or dedicated apps. This means you can manage reservations, check schedules, and even accept online payments from anywhere, anytime - business management at your fingertips.

How can dance studio software help with last-minute and double bookings?

Advanced dance studio software uses algorithms to optimize scheduling, reducing double bookings. For last-minute bookings, studios can set up automated notifications to inform dance teachers and staff, ensuring everyone is prepared and no class is understaffed.

By leveraging modern dance studio software, studios can streamline their operations and enhance their service offering. This leads to happier clients, simplified staff management, and a successful business.