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TicketingHub is a service that provides a reservation system and connects to payment processing services for small and enterprise businesses online and in person.

TicketingHub's SumUp integration makes it easy to take payments in person with no complicated contracts or monthly fees. You just sign up for SumUp, purchase the card reader, and pay a fixed-rate transaction fee per acceptance.

If you're looking for an uncomplicated way to process face-to-face payments, SumUp could be the solution you need!

What is SumUp?

SumUp is a mobile-focused payment solution that provides an in-person payments service. It's currently used by businesses both big and small. SumUp offers two options for processing transactions: you can sign up to take card or cash payments one time per event

  • Affordable credit card machine, ideal for low to mid -volume merchants
  • Supports integration with TicketingHub POS
  • Reliable battery life – up to 500 transactions

How does SumUp work?

You don't have a monthly fee or fixed cost either — only a transaction fee per acceptance!

You're only charged a transaction fee of 2.75% per in-person card payment, which is automatically deducted before the funds are transferred to your bank account.

How do I sign up to SumUp?

To sign up to SumUp, simply go to the SumUp website and click on "Register" in the top right corner.  Once you have entered your email address and chosen a password for your account, type in the business name that will be associated with payments from customers who are booking your tour or activity through SumUp's payment platform.

How do connect TicketingHub to SumUp?

Simple just download the SumUp app to your phone and the TicketingHub App and you're ready to go.

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Our tour booking software offers clients the ability to set up and sell at zero cost to themselves.

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We provide an option to pass on all transaction fees directly to the customer.

If you don’t want to charge your customers, shoot us an email and we’d be happy to tailor a package to fit your needs: