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TicketingHub and SquareSpace Bring Powerful Booking System for Museums, Zoos, Aquariums

What is SquareSpace CMS?

Squarespace, do-it-yourself website builder that allows its customers to create professional-level websites and blogs for businesses of all types. It has a user-friendly interface and is perfect for small businesses.

Is Squarespace for beginners?

SquareSpace is not beginner-friendly, you will need to take a little extra time to get used to how it works before jumping in and starting work on your project. Wix, in contrast, is 100% beginner-friendly since it's simple enough for anyone to use right away with no prior understanding of website design.

How do I create an account with SquareSpace?

You must first create an account and then create an individual website on which they can then update the content by creating pages of information about your product...

Squarespace provides free templates that are easy to customize so there is no need to be afraid of not getting your vision across correctly. It also offers customer support via email and live chat should someone have any questions while designing their page.

How do TicketingHub and SquareSpace work?

TicketingHub integrates with SquareSpace to create a powerful website with an effective reservation system tailored specifically for museums, zoos, aquariums, tours and activities

If you're looking for a booking system that can provide everything from online reservations to in-person check-in and channel distribution like Viator and Get Your Guide, TicketingHub is the right choice.


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